We Need AI Assistants

Check out Dr. Gil’s talk about the importance of Artificial Intelligence at our last event!



One of the hardest things in being a TED organizer is the politics behind it. Not only are you responsible for the audience trust but you are also the person responsible to TED and the one who will either make or break the team.

I’ve never had a more stressful experience in my life but then again at re-evaluate my purpose for organizing this event, I keep going and keep persisting even when at times I lose all hope. 

It’s been quite an experience for me in my TEDx journey and now that it’s only a few weeks leading up to the event I am perhaps more stressed out, worried and frustrated more than any other person but in the same way, I feel like with a little bit of reinforcement I can conquer the world, and make the impossible possible.

I cannot wait to see it all play out in the event and I can’t wait to meet you all soon.

10 Reasons to Attend TEDxYouth@CityOfIndustry

TEDxYouth@CityofIndustry is happening at Puente Hills Mall on Saturday, April 5, 2014. 

We encourage all young minds in the area to attend, but WHY?

Here are 10 Reasons to Attend TEXYouth@CityofIndustry:

1. This is NOT a show, but rather a Conversation on Our Shared Future

TEDx events are dedicated to convey “Ideas worth Spreading,” and this event is a great way to network with some of the most interesting and innovative thinkers of your area. For those of you interested in the innovations of today, this event is for you. 

2. There will be at least 10 speakers at the event, ranging from the masterminds of Quantum Physics to the passionate figures of Environmental politics to the geniuses in Mathemagics.

For a full list of confirmed speakers, click HERE.

3. Food and Snacks are provided. 

We are sponsored by companies pushing for a healthier tomorrow, and our refreshments will be organic andhealthy

4. There are No Speaker-Attendee Barriers.

TEDxYouth@CityOfIndustry, unlike other TEDx events, integrate our speakers into the audience, meaning the person sitting next to you may be an AI Inventor or a famous Mathemagician! 

5. All attendees will receive a profiled name badge!

This name badge will display your interests and who you are as a person, a perfect guide to networking at the event and meeting people with similar interests. 

6. Everyone will be able to partake in a Networking Scavenger Hunt 

During our intermission periods, we encourage you to mingle with the other fascinating people that will be present at the event! We want this to be YOUR opportunity to network. In fact, people completing this hunt will receive a bonus free TEDx T-shirt!

7.  This is your opportunity to relax and have fun. 

We don’t like the typical school chair seating so our seats will actually range from comfy chairs to sofas to even beanbags arranged in a way that maximizes the intimacy of each talk presented. 

8.  This is a friendly environment. 

We have a highly spacious venue that is not only conversation sparking, convenient and cool, but some amenities include a giant octopus that hangs atop the food area…talk about a Daring Discovery!

9. We value YOUR thoughts

We created Project Discover, YOUR chance to speak up about YOUR passions and Ideas Worth Spreading. We want to find speakers who are students like YOU. Enter Project Discover HERE. 

10. This event is Affordable. 

Our number one goal is to make TEDx accessible and affordable to our community! It only costs $10 to attend, and you’ll gain a whole world of knowledge and networks! 

BUT HURRY! Spaces fill up fast. APPLY TODAY at http://tedxyouthcityofindustry.com/